Dungeon Hunter 5


The Hero Comes From Pain


Dungeon Hunter 5 (PC)

Dungeon Hunter 5

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Do you fight for good? Or for the gold?

Fate has thrust the land into an age of chaos that ushered in the rise of darkness. Now, the people must fend for themselves against bandits, monsters and other unspeakable terrors. However, for mercenaries and bounty hunters, this is an age of unbridled opportunity and prosperity, for justice always demands a high price, and their business has never been better!

  • Hunt down monsters and villains through all 94 missions of this expansive story.
  • Discover a variety of environments, from the shattered realm of Valenthia to the cold and barbarous Valen Outpost.
  • Rally up to 3 other players to fight side-by-side in co-op mode.
  • Hire friends as Allies to help you along your journey of vengeance.
  • Wield over 900 pieces of armor and weaponry.
  • Unleash hundreds of devastating spells and skills.
  • Master the Elements by strategically equipping the best spells and gear for each mission.
  • Protect your loot with over 60 Trap Rooms and 230 different Minions.
  • Craft more powerful defenders by collecting Minion Shards in co-op mode.
  • Upgrade your Trap Rooms and DARE your rivals to try and break through.
  • Take on Daily and Weekly Events for more fun and huge rewards.
  • How far can you go in the Trial of Elements?
  • Climb the Leaderboard to earn mighty rewards in the Legendary Hunts.
  • Unlock unique rewards in special seasonal events.


Hai FTTers, ada kabar gembira buat kalian pecinta game Dungeon Hunter nih. Seperti yang kita semua tahu, Dungeon Hunter 5 adalah sebuah game mobile yang bergenre RPG. Tapi kali ini Gameloft membuat gebrakan baru yaitu porting dari game mobile menjadi game PC. Jadi disini kalian tidak lagi harus susah-susah dengan layar kecil, karena kalian bisa menikmatinya di layar monitor kalian. Game ini sama saja seperti versi mobilenya, hanya saja di sesuaikan controlnya dengan keyboard agar lebih mudah dimainkan di versi PC. Tanpa perlu menggunakan emulator, kini kalian bisa memainkan game yang satu ini langsung dari komputer kalian. Selain itu, versi PC game ini juga gratis lhoo. Yuk langsung coba game yang satu ini. Kalian bisa mendapatkannya di steam, link sudah saya siapkan dibawah ini.

Kriteria Game

Developer : Gameloft
Publisher : Gameloft
Tanggal Rilis : 21 Mei 2019
Genre : RPG
Role : Stage
Lisensi : Free

Persyaratan Minimum

OS : Windows 7
Prosesor : Intel Core2Duo E7500 @2.9 GHz
Memori : 4 Gb RAM
Grafis : GeForce GT-220
DirectX : Versi 11
Penyimpanan : 4 Gb Penyimpanan yang tersedia
Jaringan : Jaringan internet broadband
Tambahan : -

Rekomendasi Persyaratan

OS : Windows 10
Prosesor : Intel Core i5-4460 @3.2 GHz
Memori : 4 Gb RAM
Grafis : GeForce GT-730
DirectX : Versi 11
Penyimpanan : 4 Gb Penyimpanan yang tersedia
Jaringan : Jaringan internet broadband
Tambahan : -

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