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Demon Club (PC)

From Developer

When I was a child, I liked the story of Journey to the West, and always imagined that I was a little demon in it, I practiced immortality, made friends, and took soldiers to fight and become a demon king. This is the inspiration for this "Demon Club" game, and It took more than a year to build.

World view
This game envisions a world named "ShenZhou" with demons, human beings and gods in it and its surrounding islands. The human beings are ruled by God and are in long-term confrontation with the demon. The player is a demon with no power, he need to be study magic, make friend with other demon kings, conquer cities, in order to cope with the upcoming war of the gods and devils, and finally defeat the gods.

Numerous searchable areas
There are 28 places to explore on the mainland of ShenZhou, there are various caves where demons live, there are also villages and castles and islands where humans and gods live. You can make friend with other demon king or find an artifact in it. Or find some secrets.

Powerful magic
At present, there are more than a dozen kinds of magics, which can be obtained through apprenticeship, plot triggering or buying book. The intensity of magic will increase as your usage increases, and provide different effects. Use magic to change the situation.

Free plot trend
"Shenzhou" is a sandboxed world, and its plot is free. It also means that sometimes the quest which NPC gives you is more than your ability, then you can improve your power first. However, as long as you defeat all the forces in the game, the game was cleared.a large number of demon kings
There are various forces in the demon, which are ruled by different demon kings. When they are defeated, find them, hire them, and let them help you fight.

The territories of the various forces on the mainland of ShenZhou can be attacked and conquered. Different territories provide different incomes. The number of your army needs to be maintained by the money and food in these incomes. Get more territories to maintain stronger army.


Gimana FTTers? bagus gak?
Game yang satu ini memiliki gameplay yang unik. Tidak seperti game RPG lainnya, game yang satu ini memiliki banyak gameplay dalam sekali permainan. Saya memberikan genre game ini strategy, karena saya merasa game ini lebih cenderung untuk memiliki strategy daripada yang lainnya. Game ini baru saja rilis tanggal 20 Maret 2019, dan masih dalam tahap early access di steam. Buat kalian yang penasaran dan ingin mencobanya, silahkan klik link yang sudah saya siapkan dibawah.

Kriteria Game

Developer : WaRPG Studio
Publisher : WaRPG Studio
Tanggal Rilis : 20 Maret 2019
Genre : Strategy
Role : TPS
Lisensi : Paid

Persyaratan Minimum

OS : Windows 7
Prosesor : Core I5
Memori : 4 Gb RAM
Grafis : GeForce GTX-960
DirectX : Versi 11
Penyimpanan : N/A
Jaringan : N/A
Tambahan : Display Resolution 1920x1080

Rekomendasi Persyaratan

OS : Windows 10
Prosesor : Intel I7
Memori : 8 Gb RAM
Grafis : GeForce GTX-1060
DirectX : Versi 11
Penyimpanan : N/A
Jaringan : N/A
Tambahan : Display Resolution 2560x1440

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